The Basics:
Parting & Sectioning

Making Straight Parts

In order to easily create straight partings, place the tip of your comb where you want the part to begin. Place the thumb of your free hand where you want the part to end and pull the comb along the scalp until you touch your thumb. Take some time to practice this now, I´┐Żll wait.

How to make straight parts


The main reason for sectioning during a haircut is to limit the amount of hair you are working with in order to give you more control of your work. This is the only time it is acceptable to be a control freak. Most of the haircuts in this book begin with the same four basic sections.

First divide the hair in half by parting from behind one ear to the other across the top of the head.

Part the hair from ear to ear

Next, subdivide the back by parting from center top to center neckline.

Part from center top to the neckline

Finally, subdivide the front area by parting from center top to the center of the front hairline. IMPORTANT: If the finished hairstyle is going to be worn with a definite part, use that part instead of a center part.